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We are the Joy Boys of radio...
We chase electrons to and fro!

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This site is dedicated to The Joy Boys, Ed Walker and Willard Scott, who entertained Washington DC listeners on WRC radio from 1955 to 1972. We also remember their years together on WWDC, WOL, and WMAL.  We have lots of pictures, stories, and sound clips from their shows over the years.

UPDATED INFORMATION: As your webmaster enters his retirement years, we're making a few changes.

First, we will no longer be accepting orders for CDs, but we're making our entire audio collection available here and on YouTube. Each CD description page (see the Audio section) will have a link to a YouTube video allowing you to listen, and also a link where you can download or view that same video yourself.  (Why a video?  Because YouTube won't store plain audio files, and because the video portion acts as a visual guide to the bits on each CD.)

You can still contact me by sending an email to the address below. Sorry it's not a link, but I'm trying to avoid spam.

And finally, this website will eventually be shut down, but I'm planning to have its entire contents available on the internet archive at archive.org. I'll update this announcement when the details are finalized.

True fans will be happy to know that these Joy Boys recordings are also on file at:

          - Library of Congress
          - Library of American Broadcasting at the University of Maryland
          - Museum of Broadcast Communications, Chicago
          - National Capital Radio & Television Museum
          - American University Library

Happy listening, everyone!

We've added a new video page with clips of the Joy Boys, Ed Walker, Ronald McDonald, and others. Click here or on the image below to go straight to it. The latest addition to that page is a rare stereo recording, a WRC station promo done by the Joy Boys.

Fans of Ed Walker will be happy to hear this news: We recently received a large number of recordings of The Big Broadcast, which will be archived here and in several radio history museums and libraries. Click here for the details, including links to WAMU coverage of Ed's last show.

Joy Boys Volume One Joy Boys Volume Two Joy Boys Volume Three Joy Boys Volume Four

Our latest collection, Remember the Joy Boys, Volume Four: Milestones. is now available through this web site. Click here to learn more and to receive ordering information. And, all three of our previous 'greatest hits' collections are still available! Click on the pictures above to read more.

We also have over a hundred other Joy Boys CDs with complete shows and comedy bits-n-pieces, listed on our Audio page. To see them all, click here.

Please contact us for information about ordering any of our CDs.

We are always looking for more Joy Boys material for this site! You are seeing the results of a long search for tapes, pictures, and other memorabilia. It came from fans, listeners and collectors like you. Please contact us if you have anything that might add to our archives; we would be very grateful, and all items will be returned.

Some of the things we would love to receive from you:
- Tapes (of course!)
- Photos
- Stories about the "good old days"
- Links to other Old Time Radio sites

If you have tapes, photos, or stories to share, about the days you spent listening to the Joy Boys, please let us know.

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