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Contents of disc #JB107:

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Last WRC show, 3:15 - 4:15 PM
1. As The Worm Turns
2. Music (I Love Onions)
3. Dean Everett (WAVA), Drug Fair spot
4. Music
5. News intro and 3:30 news
6. Music
7. Ed chats; First Commonwealth S&L spot
8. Music (Run Rabbit Run)
9. Round Table of Knowledge
10. Various chat; Kirby Dodge spot
11. Yellow Ghost (needs new horses)
12. Music (Dearborn Michigan)
13. Johnny Holliday invites Joy Boys to WWDC MP3 file, 544K
14. Music
15. Citizens Bank spot
16. As The Worm Turns
17. News intro and 4:30 news
18. Music (Teddy Bear's Picnic)
19. Wilkins Coffee spot, Will Heagy mentioned MP3 file, 48K
20. WRC Scope with Don Doake

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