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Contents of disc #JB113:

You can download or listen to this disc in your browser, or listen on Youtube.

These tapes are from "Two At One," the Walker and Scott show on WRC before it was called the Joy Boys.

Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1956:
1. Opening
2. Music
3. Pet turkey / Acme spot / Going to woodshed
4. Music (with several interruptions)
5. Prep for the drama MP3 file, 284K
6. The story of Miles Standish and Priscilla
7. Granddad / RCA color TV spot
8. Music / granddad again
9. Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner

November 23, 1956:
(Willard's last show before going into the Navy)
10. Tossed salad / Theme / Opening MP3 file, 130K
11. Acme supermarket / Music
12. This is Our Lives (Ed does Arthur Godfrey this time) MP3 file, 260K
13. Music
14. Navy / RCA color TV spot MP3 file, 83K
15. Excerpt from the FIRST Two At One show (July 11 1955) MP3 file, 249K
16. Various goodbyes / Rock Creek spot
17. Thanks / Theme / Federal Supermarket / Gene Archer

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