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As The Worm Turns; MasterPuss Theatre

You can download or listen to this disc in your browser, or listen on Youtube.

Here are all the episodes in our collection of As The Worm Turns, the Joy Boys version of a radio soap opera.

1. As The Worm Turns (peanut festival)
2. ATWT (Dr. Bedpan) - recorded live from the American Theatre Organ Society.
3. ATWT (Johnny Holliday is concerned about Captain Don)
4. ATWT (Feb. 1974 - Intern and nurse consult a catalog)
5. Part 2
6. ATWT (Mar. 6-10, 1972. Lord Brittlebottom wonders if he's a lord or a used car salesman.
7. Part 2
8. Part 3
9. Part 4
10. Part 5
11. ATWT (Mrs. Helen B. Overshoes, whose husband thinks he's a horse)
12. Part 2
13. Part 3
14. Part 4
15. Part 5

Masterpuss Theatre: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

This series first ran on WRC (circa 1972) and later on the Washington DC public radio station, WETA.

16. Catherine of Aragon
17. Anne Boleyn
18. Jane Seymour; Anne of Cleves
19. Kathryn Howard
20. Katherine Parr

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