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Links to Ed Walker and Willard Scott

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American University Radio - For many years Ed hosted an old-time radio show called The Big Broadcast each Sunday night at 7 PM Eastern. Listen to WAMU at 88.5 FM in the Washington DC area, or listen live on the web.

Willard's Bio from NBC - Willard is perhaps best known for being the Today Show weatherman. Here's his biographical sketch from NBC.

Willard Scott at Kaptain Kidshow - read about Willard's days as the host of several children's TV shows, plus Bozo the Clown, Ronald McDonald, and others.

Washington DC radio, past and present

The DC/NY Radio Memory Bank features a huge list of radio nostalgia, people and programs, call letters and formats, advertisers and sponsors, landmarks and locations from the pages of Washington Radio/TV History... not to mention Baltimore, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Boston and New York.

The Great 98 - a tribute to the top-40 days of WRC radio 980, with some material from the Joy Boys era and even earlier. One of the webmasters is Mike Berry, a WRC engineer from the Joy Boys show. Collectors should be sure to order their CD, History of the Great 98, which contains wonderful Joy Boys material. (Thanks to Mike and Skip for the photos on our home page!)

'60s Radio Days: A Sillier, Simpler Time - an excellent Washington Post article about the history of the Joy Boys show.

DCRTV / Washington DC Radio and Television - current events, photos, links and history of DC area broadcasters. Personalities such as Ed Walker and Johnny Holliday visit the discussion board from time to time.

Sources for old time radio tapes

Some of these sites had a few Joy Boys tapes, which we acquired, digitally cleaned up the sound, and those shows are now available on CD from our site. We thank these sites and recommend them as sources for other old time radio shows.

Metropolitan Washington Old Time Radio Club - a club for all OTR enthusiasts, not just DC area residents. They have a large lending library of tapes available for members.

Vintage Radio Shows.com has old-time radio downloads available and is a sponsor of Ed's Big Broadcast.

Heritage Radio Classics - vintage radio shows from the 30's, 40's and 50's.

Aaron Mintz' Radio / TV Archive - radio shows and airchecks from all over the country (and some from other countries).

Doug's Old Time Radio Site - radio shows from the 1920's to 1970.

Other links

Library of American Broadcasting - the University of Maryland 'Broadcast Pioneers' museum is located in College Park, MD. Free to visit.

KONA Radio is now running Joy Boys comedy as part of their regular Saturday morning old-time program, The RADIO Show, hosted by Lee Michael. If you're in the Richland, Washington (tri-cities) area, tune to 610 for KONA-AM.

Paul Shanklin's political humor definitely has an ear for music. He included a Joy Boys WWPU skit as a "ghost track" on his CD The Usual Suspects.

The Radio History Society - dedicated to the preservation of radio and television history. Their museum in Bowie Maryland is open to the public, and Ed's famous "door" is now on display there.

The Monitor Tribute Pages will be of interest to many of you who remember NBC Monitor. This news and variety show aired on weekends from 1955 to 1975. The Joy Boys character "Miss Janitor" was modeled after Miss Monitor, a sexy weather girl. Her page of the Monitor site can be found here. We've added some Miss Janitor cuts to our audio pages, from discs #JB213 and #JB223.

Johnny Holliday Book Project features information and links to Johnny Holliday, a favorite DC area personality and friend of the Joy Boys. Steve Moore is helping Johnny write his autobiography which has been accepted for publication by Sports Publishing, Inc. Johnny collaborated with Ed and Willard on several occasions, and we have one such program on our CD #JB110.

The Percy Faith Pages - a site built by fan Bill Halvorsen. Bill also has a site dedicated to WGAY/WQMR. He asks if anyone has WQMR/WGAY airchecks from the period 4/59 through 12/66, please contact him.

The Baby Boomer Headquarters is operated by a Boomer-in-charge who worked at WAMU and remembers the Joy Boys well.

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