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As most Joy Boys fans know, Ed Walker hosted an old-time radio program called The Big Broadcast for over 20 years on WAMU. We recently received a large number of Big Broadcast recordings, mostly of complete shows, recorded off the air between 1993 and 1999. Ed Walker hosts each show, and some also include John Hickman, the founder of The Big Broadcast. (For more about Ed and his last show on WAMU, scroll down to the bottom of this page.)

Thanks to Ismail "Turk" Nuri, Major USAF (Retired) for providing these tapes.

Here is a sample:

The Big Broadcast - show intro from March 6, 1994

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining copies of any of these shows. A complete listing is included below.

(Click any heading to see the shows from that year. To search, click View All, then press Control-F, type in what you are looking for, and press Enter.)

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Shows from 1993
July 23, 1993:
Nightbeat - "King Death"
Gunsmoke (Dec 4 1955) - "Sunny Afternoon"
WW II Chronicles w/Ed Herlihy - "Island of Pantelleria"
Lum & Abner
Ed's 1976 Interview w/Gave Garroway, from WMAL
Club Fifteen

John Hickman's Recollections:
Pinnochio w/Fannie Brice and the Screen Guild Players (1948)
The FBI in Peace and War

August 22, 1993:
Gunsmoke (Nov 6 1955) - "Second Choice"
WW II Chronicles - "Summer Offensive"
Lum & Amber - "Finding Lost Treasure"
Andy Griffith - "Hamlet"
Dragnet (second episode, Jun 10 1949) - "The Nickel Plated Gun"
X Minus One - "Star Bright"

John Hickman's Recollections:
Guiding Light (4 episodes)

October 24, 1993:
Bing Crosby's Philco Radio Time (1946) with Les Paul, Lena Romay, Skitch Henderson
Nightbeat - How people react under stress/panic
Gunsmoke (Jan 29 1956) - "The Bureaucrat"
WW II Chronicles - "Allied Invasion of Salerno"
Lum & Abner - "Buried Treasury"
Rexall Series with Phil Harris & Alice Faye - Ukelele Lessons
Stan Freberg (1957) "A Gray Flannel Hat Full of Teenage Werewolves"
Tribute to Felix Grant

John Hickman's Recollections:
Biographies in Sound - Robert Benchley

October 31, 1993: (Halloween show)
Bing Crosby with Lum & Abner
Baby Snooks goes trick-or-treating
Jack Benny trick-or-treating with the Beverly Hills Beavers
WW II Chronicles - "Japanese American Soldiers"
Inner Sanctum Mysteries
Escape (1950) - "Three Skeleton Key" with Vincent Price
Lights Out - "Cat Wife" w/Boris Karloff
(recording ends early, near the end of this segment)

November 21, 1993:
(missing first portion of the show)
Tribute to John F. Kennedy
Gunsmoke (Sep 16 1956) - "Thick and Thin"
Steve Allen - Man on the street - "How will you spend Thanksgiving"
WW II Chronicles - "Importance of Radio"
Lum & Abner - "Thanksgiving Dinner"
Options (NPR series) - Thanksgiving show
Smothers Brothers - "The Pilgrims"
Stan Freberg - "National Birds"
The Joy Boys - "The First Thanksgiving"

John Hickman's Recollections:
Biographies in sound - "They Knew Rockne" (Knute Rockne)

November 28, 1993:
Philco Radio Time - Bing Crosby w/Walter O'Keefe
Gunsmoke (Jan 19 1956) - "The New Hotel"
WW II Chronicles - "Juvenile Delinquency"
Lum & Abner - "The Museum"
Stan Freberg - "Green Christmas"
Screen Director's Playhouse (NBC, early 1950s) - "Miracle on 34th Street" with Ed Wynn

John Hickman's Recollections:
Biographies in sound (1955) - "Will Rogers"

Shows from 1994
Shows from 1995
Shows from 1996
Shows from 1997
Shows from 1998
Shows from 1999
Shows from 2015

More About Ed Walker's Work at WAMU

As you have probably heard, Ed Walker passed away on October 26, just hours after his last edition of The Big Broadcast aired on WAMU. Washington DC radio will never be the same. For more information, or to hear the final show, please visit these links:
           WAMU article about Ed
           The Big Broadcast page at WAMU
           Washington Post coverage of the final show

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