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WAMU CD project: Remember The Joy Boys, Volume Three

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Joy Boys Volume Three front cover Our third Joy Boys collection is called Remember The Joy Boys, Volume Three, subtitled "The Lost MasterPusses." Click on either photo to see the front and back covers.

This time we included lots of the commercial bits which made even Joy Boys sponsors fun to listen to. You'll hear Kirby Dodge, the Olde Club Restaurant, Citizen's Bank, and the Old Stein. We also have a series which ran on WRC and again on Public Broadcasting: MasterPuss Theatre's Six Wives of Henry VIII.

Joy Boys Volume Three back cover Some of the other vintage Joy Boys bits on this CD: Two advice columnists of the air, the Answer Man and Dear Lucille; As The Worm Turns; Stella Bear; the Sodbuster; and finally, two dance band remote broadcasts from Pee Wee Mozzarella and Raymond LaRoache.

If you missed your chance before, you can still order your copy of Remember the Joy Boys, Volume Three directly from this web site.

Ordering information

To order your copy, please send an email to your webmaster, Bob Bybee. We'll let you know all the details.

You can also read more about Volume One, Volume Two or Volume Four of this collection.

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